Building with wood


What are the problems faced by the industry in this area?
Speed of developing and deploying standardized solutions to take full advantage of new building code provisions for wood
Performance and serviceability of wood-based construction systems compared to competing materials in large non-residential low-rise, mid-rise, and tall buildings
Speed and cost of construction, commissioning, and operation (life cycle)
Harmonization of the full value chain to allow connections between the forest, products manufacturing and construction (demands for industrialization)


What does FPInnovations do to address the challenges?
Implement an initiative to drive technical solutions for industrialized construction
Improve performance of low-rise, mid-rise, and tall wood construction considering net zero and climate change resiliency
Develop the next generation of strand-based multi-application panels
Improve value from low-grade wood and underutilized species

Goals & Impacts

What are the goals to reach and what are the impacts on members?
Identify potential concepts with some scientific evidence to produce the next generation of panel board and validate the technical and economic feasibilty, more specifically:
By 2021, provide solutions for industrialized tall wood building systems to increase construction speed and reduce costs
Develop and/or demonstrate one practical solution per year to improve performance of wood buildings (e.g., acoustics, durability)
Grow market for wood in residential and non-residential construction by reducing barriers for construction specifiers
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