Modelling Guide for Timber Structures

• First of its kind
• Global collaboration from over 100 experts

The definitive guide for timber structure modelling brings together the experience gained from recently built timber projects, and the latest research development in the modelling of timber structures. It will support the application and development of timber construction given that timber structures increasingly require demonstration of performance or equivalency through computer modelling, regardless of whether prescriptive or performance-based design procedures are used.

Computer modelling is essential for analyzing and designing mid- and high-rise buildings and long-span structures. It is also a valuable tool for optimizing wood-based products, connections, and systems that improve structural performance.

The Modelling Guide for Timber Structures includes a wide range of practical and advanced modelling topics, such as key modelling principles, methods, and techniques specific to timber structures; modelling approaches and considerations for wood-based components, connections, and assemblies; and analytical approaches and considerations for timber structures during progressive collapse, wind, and earthquake events. It also presents the differences in the modelling approaches to timber, steel, and concrete structures.

The concept for the development of this guide was initiated and carried out by FPInnovations, but it is the result of a global effort involving over 100 collaborators, including experts from research institutes, consulting firms, manufacturers, software companies, government entities, and associations.

The guide has three main parts: Introduction, Modelling, and Analyses.


Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Structural behaviour and modelling emphases of timber, steel, and concrete structures

Chapter 3: Modelling principles, methods, and techniques


Chapter 4: Components

Chapter 5: Connections

Chapter 6: Floors and Diaphragms

Chapter 7: Load-Resisting Systems


Chapter 8: Progressive/Disproportionate Collapse

Chapter 9: Wind-Induced Response Analysis

Chapter 10: Seismic Response Analysis

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