Knowledge transfer tools

Maintenance strategies for contractors

This tool presents the different basic principles surrounding a forestry machinery maintenance strategy: planning, purchasing of parts and replacement, repairs and improvements, training of work teams, etc.

Maintenance strategies for contractors


Learn about the production of spruce plants through genomic selection, as well as the operational gains and research behind this innovation. This tour contains six scenic stations, 35 tooltips and 9 video vignettes.

VIRTUAL TOUR: Long-term research site – Shelterwood systems adapted to black spruce boreal forests

This is the first research site that shows shelterwood cutting in black spruce and that has modalities adapted to mechanized operations. It answers an important question in boreal silviculture: can we find solutions to total cutting in order to respect other forest uses? This tour contains six panoramic stations, 32 tooltips, and 9 video clips.

VIRTUAL TOUR: Eastern white cedar silviculture

View the stations in 360-degree mode and move horizontally and vertically within the panoramas in search of written or video information capsules. You can also move from one station to another either by using the map in the interface or by following the steps in the forest. This tour is the result of the last workshop that took place in the East Brompton region of the Beauce.

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