Performance, Analysis, and Design of Mass Timber Diaphragms

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Mass timber is increasingly being used in construction as the advantages of this material are constantly being highlighted. The many health benefits of wood have well been proven, not to mention its environmental benefits in the context of the fight against climate change.

Diaphragms play a fundamental role in the structural system of any building. This new guide by FPInnovations presents the most up-to-date research related to mass-timber diaphragms and offers possible approaches for analyzing and designing them.

Inside the guide

This in-depth guide on mass timber diaphragms includes chapters on the following topics:

• Types of mass timber diaphragms

• Analysis of mass timber diaphragms

• Stiffness and slip of mass timber connections: codes and standards perspective

• Performance of connections in mass timber diaphragms

• Experimental and analytical performance of mass timber diaphragms

• Diaphragm design

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