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FPInnovations is a recognized service provider, operating in all areas of the forest industry in North America and around the world. Our experts work closely with our clients to help them improve their performance, therefore creating a significant impact for their business, regardless of their size.

Building on our cutting-edge research in forest operations, wood products, pulp and paper, as well as bioproducts, we offer proven solutions and technologies that can be quickly implemented in your organization.

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Wood Products

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Pulp and Paper

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Forest Operations

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Bio-sourced Products

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Ensuring your success

Thanks to our objective recommendations, our advanced equipment and laboratories, and our exclusive evaluation tools developed in-house, forest products manufacturers will have the solutions to reduce production costs, improve productivity, and enhance the quality and performance of finished products.

Benefits of working with us

In-depth knowledge across the forest industry value chain

Exclusive in-house equipment and evaluation tools

Highly skilled engineers, scientists, and researchers

Solutions tailored to your specific needs

Established best practices and innovative applications

Accredited testing by Standards Council of Canada

Our laboratories are accredited by Standards Council of Canada (SCC) under the ISO 17025:2017 Standard to perform testing using a wide variety of standardized test methods.

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We are here to help forest products manufacturers improve their productivity.

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