Fibre supply


What are the problems faced by the industry in this area?
Imprecise and spatially weak forest inventory information, and difficulty in operationalizing remote sensing and lidar data
Deployment of commercial thinning and partial cutting
Lack of markets to utilize the entire fibre basket


What does FPInnovations do to address the challenges?
Fast-track responsive remote-sensing-based operational compliance and fibre inventory solutions
Provide operational solutions, equipment selection tools, and data to deploy efficient commercial thinning and partial cutting
Improve biomass and residues supply and logistics
Wood products:
1) Develop economically viable EWP from low-value wood and forestry and sawmill residues
2) Develop next generation of fibre-based and multi-application engineered panels
Demonstrate how feedstock/product preparation and new unit processes fit within existing forest sector operations

Goals & Impacts

What are the goals to reach and what are the impacts on members?
Demonstrate a pre-harvest inventory system capturing the full profile of the stands at all developmental stages by 2023
Demonstrate a system for post-treatment effectiveness monitoring
by 2023
Provide an additional 1 million cubic metres over current allocations by helping implement commercial thinning and partial cutting
FPInnovations' technical solutions implemented in members' operations (specific projects)
Demonstrate technologies for five non-traditional products - 2023
Cost reduction, new products, and biorefinery