Products and Services: Forest Operations

FPInnovations forest operations experts work closely with their clients to help them improve their performance as well as create a significant impact for their business, regardless of their size.

Building on our knowledge of the sector, expertise in a wide range of topics and successes in mill problem solving, we offer proven solutions and technologies that can be quickly implemented in your mills.

Thanks to our objective recommendations, our advanced facilities and ISO accredited laboratories, and our exclusive diagnostic tools developed in-house, you will have the solutions you need to reduce production costs, improve productivity, and enhance the quality and performance of finished products.

Our services

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FPInnovations has the expertise to support end-users receive the best quality feedstock, provide tools and advises for better storage and handling practices, and to obtain an analysis of the supply chain adapted to regional and local conditions.

Whether it is full-tree or cut-to-length harvesting, FPInnovations has the tools and expertise to establishing an efficient forest biomass supply chain adapted to your operating conditions.

The contractor diagnostic and benchmarking exercise is based on the DiagFor Continuous improvement tool and considered a first step in undertaking a continuous improvement approach to managing a logging business.

The diagnostic is carried out by knowledgeable FPInnovations staff and targets logging contractors looking to improve their operations and companies looking to support their contractors. Member companies often benefit from insights on how their policies and procedures can impact their contractors as the diagnostic looks at the fibre supply chain in its entirety.

FPInnovations is working to provide forest operators with solutions by supporting the deployment of best practices machine accuracy and data reliability.

In this one-day, hands-on field session, FPInnovations will identify corrective steps to optimize a processor/harvester head’s accuracy. These machine improvements can boost volume recovery and value.

One of the challenges that the forest managers are facing is the lack of precision inventory tools at the operational level.

FPInnovations has gained expertise with remote sensing devices that allow offering support in various situations, in addition to developing automated interactive tools for post-harvest inventory and compliance using drone imagery.


Benefits of working with us

In-depth knowledge across the forest industry value chain

Exclusive in-house equipment and evaluation tools

Highly skilled engineers, scientists, and researchers

Solutions tailored to your specific needs

Established best practices and innovative applications

How can we help?

We are here to help forest products manufacturers improve their productivity.

Contact us to find out more about our services and how our solutions can be implemented in your business.