Board of directors

Officers of the corporation
Yvon Pelletier
Chairman of the Board of Directors
Stéphane Renou
President and CEO
Terry Knee
Corporate Secretary and Chief Communications Officer
Nathalie Legault
Chief Financial Officer, Information Technology and Building Services
Board of directors
François D’Amours
Kevin Edgson
EACOM Timber Corporation
Mark Feldinger
Canfor Corporation
James Gorman
West Fraser
Pascale Lagacé
Resolute Forest Products
Bruce Mayer
Alberta Agriculture and Forestry, Government of Alberta
Kathleen McFadden
Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, Government of Ontario
Diane Nicholls
Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resources Operations and Rural Development, Government of British Columbia
Derek Nighbor
Forest Products Association of Canada
Yvon Pelletier
Fortress Paper Ltd.
Charles Tardif
David Ure
Mercer International
André Denis
Ministry of Forests, Wildlife, and Parks, Government of Quebec
Beth MacNeil
Canadian Forest Service, Natural Resources Canada