Indigenous Forestry Sector Technical Support Program

Since its launch in 2007, FPInnovations has been supporting Indigenous stakeholders in the development of economic opportunities as well as new products and business in the forest sector. FPInnovations works directly with community leaders to determine the products and services that are appropriate for the specific needs of each community.

We believe in working directly with the people in the community to create solutions and build partnerships. More than 75 Indigenous communities and/or organizations in British Columbia alone have engaged in this program. Building on this success, the program expanded into Alberta in 2014 and the Maritimes. Additionally, FPInnovations is working on a project to project basis with Indigenous stakeholders across the country.

Program Goals

Development and implementation of customized and scalable economic development opportunities for Indigenous Communities
Provide innovation for communities and facilitate forest sector partnerships
Create Indigenous employment opportunities



  • Sawmilling and value-added
  • Harvesting and forest management
  • Biomass and forest residual recovery


  • Biomass and bioenergy
  • Wood-based construction
  • Wildfire mitigation


  • Non-timber forest products
  • Advanced bioproducts
  • Solid and liquid biofuels

Our Approach

Indigenous forestry approach

Success Metrics

Success metrics indigenous forestry

Contact Us

Communities that are interested in accessing the indigenous forestry program should contact us.

Christoph Schilling, Program Lead

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