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FPInnovations wood products experts work closely with their clients to help them improve their performance and efficiency as well as create a significant impact for their business, regardless of their size.

Building on our knowledge of the sector and working in an ISO-certified environment, we offer proven solutions and technologies that can be quickly implemented in your organization.

Thanks to our objective recommendations, our advanced equipment and laboratories, and our exclusive evaluation tools developed in-house, you will have the solutions you need to reduce production costs, improve productivity, and enhance the quality and performance of finished products.

Our services

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In collaboration with the industry’s leading manufacturers, our team has developed test methods to evaluatethe performance of various flooring products.

The tests offered include characterizing the resistance of finishing systems, resistance to relative humidity changes, and evaluating the mechanical properties of your products.

The many chemical pollutants found in our homes are a growing concern from the general public, international organizations, and governments.

FPInnovations has developed an expertise in the sampling of various compounds and has been performing ISO 17025-2017 accredited tests for over 20 years.

Process optimization and evaluation of adhesives are integral toour research program. As a result, our customers can benefit from our expertise and experience in these areas.

The diversity of our equipment gives us access to a wide range of transformation tools, including the preparation of raw materials, the manufacture of panels, and the evaluation of the final product’s mechanical properties.

Our services can include fibre production, drying, gluing, chemical injection, and panel manufacturing.

The versatility of our equipment and expertise allows us to establish or validate process parameters on a semi-industrial scale and, consequently, to ensure the quality of your final product.

FPInnovations works closely with the wood protection industry to develop the performance data needed to support preservative registration, standardization in CSA Group and AWPA standards, and market acceptance.

We support the development of effective and sustainable technologies to protect wood products against weathering and biodegradation by mold, staining fungi, decay,and insects.


Benefits or working with us

In-depth knowledge across the forest industry value chain

Exclusive in-house equipment and evaluation tools

Highly skilled engineers, scientists, and researchers

Solutions tailored to your specific needs

Established best practices and innovative applications

How can we help?

We are here to help products manufacturers improve their productivity.

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