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News release: New guide to reduce environmental footprint through digitalization of design and analysis in timber structures

FPInnovations’ new Modelling Guide for Timber Structures will facilitate analysis and design of mid- and high-rise and long-span structures Montreal, Quebec – September 6, 2022 – FPInnovations, a non-profit specializing in creating solutions that support…


Wet-end runnability issues? FPInnovations’ portable infra-red moisture sensor to the rescue!

When machines at pulp and paper mills have wet-end runnability issues such as web breaks and non-uniform profiles, this often causes quality and runnability issues at the machine itself and at end-user. To understand the root causes of these problems, it is sometimes necessary to look at the wet-end moisture profile uniformity. To that end, FPInnovations has developed a technique using a portable infra-red (IR) moisture sensor that measures and analyzes moisture profile in cross-direction content at the wet-end of paper, board, or pulp machines.