FPInnovations accredited testing by Standards Council of Canada

Three of our laboratories are accredited by Standards Council of Canada (SCC) under the ISO 17025:2017 Standard to perform testing using a wide variety of standardized test methods.

FPInnovations’ Building Systems and New Materials Laboratories located in Québec at the Laurentian Forestry Centre and at Université Laval provide state-of-the-art accredited testing for over 70 standardized tests methods in the areas of adhesives and glues, formaldehyde and volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions, lumber, and engineered wood products, mass timber products, panel products, fasteners, connections, and structural assemblies under various loading conditions.

FPInnovations’ laboratory in Pointe-Claire, Quebec provides world-class testing using 20 accredited tests in the area of pulp and paper products as well as fuel consumption in transportation, in addition to holding the ISO/IEC 17065 accreditation required by Transport Canada to test and certify electronic logging devices (ELDs).

Full Scale CLT House Testing

FPInnovations’ Building Systems laboratory in Vancouver, BC is accredited for five test methods related to the area of lumber properties and engineered wood products. This internationally renown group is also accredited for Test Method Development and Non-Routine Testing of a wide variety of mass timber products, fasteners, connections, structural assemblies, and structural systems in wood-frame and mass timber construction under gravity and lateral loads.

The information on our accredited laboratories, their scopes of accreditation (lists of all accredited tests), along with the contact information, are provided on the Standards Council of Canada (SCC) website.

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