In the Spotlight: Sustainable Construction

Sustainable Construction for a healthier environment & a stronger economy

To achieve the goals of Canada’s climate plan and move towards net-zero emissions by 2050, all industries need to play their part. A significant opportunity to reduce the Canada’s and the world’s carbon footprint is through sustainable construction. Over the next while, FPInnovations will be highlighting many aspects surrounding the benefits and role of sustainable construction towards a healthier environment and stronger economy.

Canada has a long tradition of building with wood. During recent years, the emergence of new engineered-wood products and changes to building codes have led to innovative wood-based systems for constructing larger and taller buildings that are both safe and cost-competitive, while also responding to increasing environmental concerns.

FPInnovations has been putting a great deal of effort into facilitating the use of wood, a bio-sourced and renewable construction material, in taller and larger buildings.

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