Safely entering and exiting forestry machines

A leading cause of injury to truck or machine operators is falling from machines when entering and exiting. In support of continuous improvement of safety standards and awareness among forest operations workers, Safer Advisory Foundation for Education and Research (SAFER) as well as Coastal Harvest Advisory Group (CHAG) had solicited FPInnovations to develop an educational video that demonstrates safely entering and exiting forestry machines and that indicates the measures to implement in order to prevent these types of injuries.

Maintaining three-point contact is critical for safely entering and exiting forestry machines. In fact, it is a proven practice to reduce the number of injuries incurred when operators enter and exit these machines. The video below demonstrates proper techniques for maintaining three-point contact. It also illustrates how maintaining three-point contact can be improved through engineering controls incorporated in machine design or retrofitted later. These guidelines can help prevent injuries and accidents due to falls from machines.

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