People and safety


What are the problems faced by the industry in this area?
Aging contractors, drivers, and operators, as well as financial vulnerability of trucking and harvesting contractors
High-risk conditions of forest operations, especially on steep slopes and on resource roads used by industry and the general public
Significant labour shortages in trucking, harvesting, and silviculture operations


What does FPInnovations do to address the challenges?
Engage contractors in capacity-building training and diagnostic activities to enhance productivity and efficiency
Test accident-reduction technologies for trucks and develop best practices and safe operating limits for steep terrain operations
Attract a new skilled labour force through the implementation of emerging technologies and participate in the automation of harvesting machines (Forestry 4.0)

Goals & Impacts

What are the goals to reach and what are the impacts on members?
Increase contractors’ efficiency by 5% to 10% through best practices and other capacity-building initiatives
Reduce the number of trucking and steep slope accidents by 50% by 2023
Address the labour shortage and deliver the same volume of wood in 2023
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