Recent Wood Products RISF presentations

Research Information Sharing and Feedback (RISF) activities are offered to FPInnovations’ members to highlight results and solutions from recent research projects. They also present an opportunity to provide feedback on continuing projects to maximize value for your operations and the industry.

Recent RISF recordings from the Wood Products program on Market Acceptance and Growth and on Primary Wood Products Manufacturing can be accessed from FPInnovations’ online research library (for members of the Wood Products program only).

RISF presentations available for viewing

Market Acceptance and Growth
Codes and standards
Expanding wood use to 2023, Year 3
Industrialized construction
Low grade and underutilized species
Wood durability and stability
Primary Wood Products Manufacturing
Digital transformation, Kiln and sawmill
EWP manufacturing processes, Project update
FPDrySim, Simulation and optimisation of the lumber drying process
Improving saw performancea
Initiative SM2, Project reliability prognostic
Lumber drying process improvements

How to access a recording

Members of the Wood Products program can access any of the above presentations by doing the following (must be logged in):

  1. Click on this link to access the list of recordings in the online research library.
  2. If not already logged in, then select Login from the top menu, enter your credentials, then click on the link again.
  3. Use the filter or search tools to find the recording that you want.

Important: If you do not log in, you will not be able to see the above titles in any of the search results.

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