Market acceptance and growth


What are the problems faced by the industry in this area?
Market acceptance of wood products (performance, quality, and durability)
Maintaining existing and developing new opportunities for entire wood basket in construction
Reliance on commodity markets
Performance and serviceability of wood-based construction systems compared to competing materials
Monetization of environmental benefits of wood products and systems
Improving speed, cost, and performance of construction, commissioning, and operation
Erosion of traditional appearance wood product markets by low-maintenance wood substitutes


What does FPInnovations do to address the challenges?
Support the development of national and international wood product codes and standards, and phytosanitary requirements
Develop and disseminate design guides and alternative building solutions (wood based and hybrid) for residential and non-residential applications ahead of new code and standards release
Improve competitiveness, performance, environmental footprint, and climate change resiliency of low-rise, mid-rise, and tall residential and non-residential wood construction compared to rival materials
Drive technical solutions for industrialized construction (e.g., light frame and mass timber)
Significantly improve wood stability and durability for interior and exterior uses

Goals & Impacts

What are the goals to reach and what are the impacts on members?
Reduce barriers for construction specifiers to use wood
Develop and/or demonstrate one practical solution per year to improve performance of wood buildings (e.g., acoustics, durability)
By 2021, provide solutions for industrialized wood building systems to increase construction speed and reduce costs
By 2023, demonstrate three economically viable innovations that significantly reduce maintenance of wood while preserving its natural appearance in exterior applications