Panels and engineered wood products


What are the problems faced by the industry in this area?
Fibre supply, cost, and raw material quality
Demographic changes and shortage of labour with skills needed for evolving manufacturing technologies
Lack of automation/robotization and other disruptive technologies and processes
Profit margins erosion, and limited manufacturing flexibility and agility


What does FPInnovations do to address the challenges?
Demonstrate economically viable applications for low-value wood and forestry and sawmill residues in engineered wood products
Demonstrate new processes/technologies to optimize furnish
Demonstrate value of digital transformation for engineered wood products manufacturing
Seek and rapidly evaluate disruptive technologies and demonstrate automation and robotization
Maximize performance of key engineered wood products manufacturing processes

Goals & Impacts

What are the goals to reach and what are the impacts on members?
Demonstrate technologies for five non-traditional products
Leverage existing processing data; improve manufacturing and resin efficiency; reduce panel density while maintaining performance providing cumulative industry benefit of $3/msf of panels by March 2024