New series of InfoNotes on topics related to building systems and industrialized construction

New technologies, methods or standards are regularly appearing in different sectors and users need to stay abreast of changes.

The construction industry is no exception to this rule, particularly with the still recent appearance of massive wood construction and new approaches to industrialized or modeled construction.

To help its members and better track these many changes, FPInnovations’ Building Systems team has committed to producing in 2019-2020 a new series of InfoNotes, i.e. short documents that summarize current projects and work in progress. These documents provide a first glimpse of what’s new and what to look out for.

The first series of InfoNotes already available are listed below.

You would like more information on one of these topics? Fell free to contact our researchers. And take good note to visit this page on a regular basis as it will be updated with new InfoNotes as soon as they are available.

Title Contact person
N5E Effect of design parameters on mass timber floor vibration performance Lin Hu
N6E An overview of FPInnovations’ industrialized Construction program in 2019-2020 Dorian Tung
N7E Dynamic properties of tall mass timber buildings under wind-induced vibration Samuel Cuerrier-Auclair
N8E Construction moisture management with cross-laminated timber and nail-laminated timber Jieying Wang

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