Exciting results from the CanmetENERGY energy optimization partnership

In 2018, FPInnovations had published an article about its successful and promising partnership with Natural Resources Canada’s CanmetENERGY.

The partnership is still going strong and continues to stimulate the Canadian pulp and paper industry by collaborating on integrated energy optimization studies to maximize efficiency, increase the sale of green power, reduce greenhouse gases (GHG), debottleneck production and facilitate the diversification of products. The results obtained through this collaboration are still very exciting.

Since 2018, six other mills have been evaluated, and the total potential savings of the identified energy optimization projects was of $6.4 million/year. This represents a reduction of 68.2 kt direct GHG emissions/year. The implementation rate of the projects identified, which is the number of projects implemented or in course of implementation, is of 52% of the total.

“We have been focusing on helping the mills implement the energy saving opportunities we previously identified”, says Enrique Mateos-Espejel, Senior Scientist at FPInnovations. “During the Covid-19 crisis, we have kept working remotely with mill engineers that are implementing projects to reduce energy consumption. We are currently finishing re-evaluations of two additional mills, and we are supporting two other mills in the implementation of their energy saving and process debottlenecking projects.”

This is a strategic engagement for supporting the forest industry to reduce energy consumption and greenhouses gases emissions.  FPInnovations and CanmetENERGY have unique capabilities and tools to understand product quality, operability impacts, process integration and process debottlenecking in pulp and paper processes.

For more information about the partnership, please contact Enrique Mateos-Espejel.

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