An overview of FPInnovations’ Industrialized Construction program in 2019-2020

Wood construction has grown significantly in Canada in recent years, thanks in part to new approaches and code changes that have increased the height and area of wood buildings.

Industrialized construction—in the form of panelized and modular construction—shows many advantages in terms of construction time, process optimization, and cost and time management, and is undoubtedly a mandatory step for the further development of wood construction.

Research Roadmap

In fiscal year 2019-2020, FPInnovations has developed an action plan in order to explore, test, and deploy innovative products, technologies, tools, processes, and good practices that have the potential to enable the transformation of the Canadian

building industry towards higher levels of industrialized construction (prefabrication, offsite construction), in close collaboration with its partners.

The overarching goal of this multi-year research program on industrialized construction is for FPInnovations to help position Canada as a leader in using innovative forest products and building systems, including both light wood frame and mass timber construction. The roadmap is built upon a series of foundational technical studies, each predicated upon one or more research problem statements and intended to provide background context to each topic.

FPInnovations’ Building Systems team has recently published an InfoNote that summarizes each of those reports. The document is available here and reports can be obtained upon request.

Surveying the industry

Over the next weeks, the Building Systems group will be surveying the industry in order to have a more accurate portrait of the situation in Canada and continue its development toward an efficient program.

More information can also be obtained by contacting Dorian Tung and Sylvain Gagnon, Managers of the FPInnovations’ Building Systems group.

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