Accelerating the development and commercialization of wood-based products

In 2021, the government of British Columbia launched a new grant program aimed at supporting innovation and diversification in the province’s manufacturing sector with a $10-million investment in small- and medium-sized business. This includes the Supply Chain Resiliency Program, which provides grants to industry and businesses to build stronger and more resilient supply chains. 

Lately, FPInnovations’ Building Systems group has been actively working in partnership with major players of the building design area to accelerate three BC-based wood-based systems. The resulting technologies will now be scaled up to mock-up tests to be market ready, with potential demonstration projects by 2023.  

Detailed information available on this fact sheet. 

You would like to learn more about the program availability? You have interesting projects and technologies that could be benefit from FPInnovations’ help? Please contact Dorian Tung, Manager of FPInnovations’ Building Systems group.