User guide and quick reference on treated boomsticks now available

In British Columbia, damage from marine borers reduces the service life of boomsticks used to keep log bundles together for storage and transport, and is estimated to cost the forest industry $12 million a year. FPInnovations and our collaborative partners have developed a promising solution that involves treating the boomsticks with a preservative. Based on the results of a recent trial, researchers estimate that the treatment will extend the service life of boomsticks by more than 10 times that of untreated boomsticks.

FPInnovations developed a guide to assist users with the successful implementation and usage of treated boomsticks. The guide contains key information for effectively managing a treated boomstick from the start to the end of its service life, including guidelines on deployment, tracking, handling, inspection and disposal. Also available is a brief summary of “do’s and don’ts” on log handling and disposal of treated boomsticks, which field users will find convenient for use as a quick reference.

To request a copy of the Treated Boomsticks User Guide, or the Quick Guidelines on Treated Boomstick Handling and Disposal for Field Users, contact the FPInnovations library. For more information on treating boomsticks to extend service life, contact Mithun Shetty.


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