Peer-reviewed article published: “Chemical and structural characterization of hardwood and softwood LignoForce”

A peer-reviewed article entitled “Chemical and structural characterization of hardwood and softwood LignoForce™ lignins” and co-authored by FPInnovations was published in the international journal Industrial Crops & Products (Volume 173, December 2021).

The article was the product of a collaboration between FPInnovations’ Michael Paleologou, Senior Researcher and researchers based at the Federal University of Parana, Brazil.

Abstract: “Knowledge about lignin structure after isolation is paramount for demonstrating its potential for industrial applications. This paper presents for the first time the detailed characterization of LignoForce™ hardwood (LFHL) and softwood (LFSL) kraft lignins that were obtained from industrially realistic lignin production facilities.”

In particular, this paper quantifies the major substructures and chemical linkages in LignoForce™ lignins using 2D HSQC NMR spectroscopy.

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