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Wet-end runnability issues? FPInnovations’ portable infra-red moisture sensor to the rescue!

When machines at pulp and paper mills have wet-end runnability issues such as web breaks and non-uniform profiles, this often causes quality and runnability issues at the machine itself and at end-user. To understand the root causes of these problems, it is sometimes necessary to look at the wet-end moisture profile uniformity. To that end, FPInnovations has developed a technique using a portable infra-red (IR) moisture sensor that measures and analyzes moisture profile in cross-direction content at the wet-end of paper, board, or pulp machines.


Roll on, roll off: How FPInnovations’ RTF can be the solution to better roll performance

From paper linerboard, and tissue to aluminum foil and plastic films, FPInnovations Roll Testing Facility (RTF) can test any flexible web materials and can troubleshoot roll performance and web handling issues. In 2002, FPInnovations opened the doors to its RTF in Montreal, Quebec to investigate and fix issues such as baggy edge and wrinkles that often the producers themselves were unable to identify the root causes. Almost 20 years and 4,000 rolls later, RTF’s goal remains the same: help producers improve product performance and efficiency in converting and printing operations.