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Roll on, roll off: How FPInnovations’ RTF can be the solution to better roll performance

From paper linerboard, and tissue to aluminum foil and plastic films, FPInnovations Roll Testing Facility (RTF) can test any flexible web materials and can troubleshoot roll performance and web handling issues. In 2002, FPInnovations opened the doors to its RTF in Montreal, Quebec to investigate and fix issues such as baggy edge and wrinkles that often the producers themselves were unable to identify the root causes. Almost 20 years and 4,000 rolls later, RTF’s goal remains the same: help producers improve product performance and efficiency in converting and printing operations.

Unbleached pulp versus bleached pulp-ft

FPInnovations’ newest measures to identify cost reduction opportunities for kraft mill unit operations

It is no secret that kraft fibreline equipment in North American kraft mills is getting old. Mills are upgrading their machines and looking for ways to improve their operations to become more efficient and cost-effective. To stay competitive against state-of-the-art operations around the world, new bleaching strategies and solutions for aging kraft pulp mills are crucial. In addition, the complexities of kraft fibreline chemistry can sometimes lead to severe bleachability issues and increased costs. To help kraft pulp mills maintain a stronghold in the market and address their issues, current research on fibreline chemistry by FPInnovations’ Shree-Prakash Mishra and the Pulp and Paper Manufacturing – Chemical Process team has been focusing on each stage of the bleaching process.