Peer-reviewed article published: “A guide to eliminating baggy webs”

TAPPI JOURNALA peer-reviewed article entitled “A guide to eliminating baggy webs” and co-authored by FPInnovations was published in the internationally recognized technical publication TAPPI JOURNAL (June 2021, Volume 20 no. 6).

The article was written by FPInnovations’ Frédéric Parent, Research engineer, and Jean Hamel, FPInnovations VP Industry and Member Relations, as well as by David McDonald, president of JDMcD Consulting Inc.

“Paper rolls that give baggy webs are often rejected because they cause problems in printing and converting operations. The causes of bagginess in papermaking can be costly and difficult to correct. Bagginess is caused by an uneven cross-direction (CD) tension profile in the web. The CD tension is not typically measured on paper machines, so we developed a high resolution, off-machine system to do this. We found that the effect of papermaking conditions on CD tension can be summarized by a single equation derived from first principles. Interestingly, we discovered that some causes of baggy webs are counterintuitive and interrelated, so a mathematical equation is necessary to identify corrective actions. Mills can use the information in this study to understand the origins of baggy webs and identify the changes required to eliminate them.”

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