Now available online: Canada’s forest sector and climate change webinar

You missed the webinar on the Role of Canada’s Forest Sector for Economic Development and Climate Change Mitigation? No problem, it is now available online.

This webinar, presented on November 2021, was organized by the Canadian Academy of Engineering (CAE) and the Canadian Forest Service of Natural Resources Canada (NRCan – CFS), with support from FPInnovations, as part of the CAE webinar series of Net-Zero Webinars which examine the major transformations that will be required in various industrial sectors to meet Canada’s climate and economic objectives.

Participants benefited from relevant information on the potential of the forest sector for contributing to Canada’s Net Zero goal. Renowned presenters also demonstrated how the optimal use of forestry resources could contribute to economic growth, GHG mitigation, as well as provide other benefits to society.

Anyone interested can watch the presentation by clicking on this link.