FPInnovations’ Pulp, Paper and Bioproducts Course another success

Professionals from the pulp, paper, and bioproducts industries and government agencies took part in FPInnovations’ most comprehensive training exercise — the Pulp, Paper, and Bioproducts Course. Due to the pandemic, this course was held this year through online format which provided a unique opportunity for the participants to do the learning at their office or home.

The online format enabled many participants from Canada, US, and as far away as Brazil to participate in 30 lectures through interactive sessions (with quizzes, Q&A) to increase their knowledge of pulp, paper, packaging, and bioproducts. The lectures were paired with video demonstrations.

Held from November 1 to 5, 2021 and led by FPInnovations’ experts in the field, a wide range of participants from engineers and managers to students and suppliers took part in the training week.

“The unique combination of lectures, demonstrations and quizzes provides participants with the ability to expand their knowledge of the industry within a very short time frame,” explains Xuejun Zou, FPInnovations’ Montreal, Quebec manager of chemical process and director of pulp, paper, and bioproducts training courses. “The course also allows participants to see how FPInnovations supports innovation and industry transformation”.

Wide-ranging presentations

Presentations on growth sectors such as tissue, hygiene products, packaging, and bioproducts proved popular among attendees. The pulp and paper courses ran the gamut from fibre resources and supply, pulping, and the making of a variety of paper products, to the environment, sustainability, and recycling. The bioproducts portion of the course included insight into the making of cellulose filaments (CF), cellulose nanocrystals (CNC), and lignin.

“The course was exceptional as it covered the entire gamut of the Pulp, Paper, Tissue, and Bioproducts. My experience has been on pulp and tissue but it has been a good understanding of the other key application areas. The presenters were highly knowledgeable and could explain the details in depth. Sometimes, we know only How and What but this provided a deep understanding of Why. Overall, it is a good time spent over the past 5 days with abundant knowledge as a takeaway. I appreciate all the presenters and FPInnovations for putting up such a great course”, Vijay Veeramisti, Terrace Bay mill, Aditya Birla group.

For more information on FPInnovations’ pulp, paper, and bioproducts training courses, please contact Xuejun Zou.