FPInnovations part of WOODRISE 2021 Kyoto

From October 15 to 18, 2021, Kyoto (Japan) will host the Woodrise international congress for the development of mid- and high-rise wood buildings. WOODRISE 2021 Kyoto, which will be held under the theme Wooden Buildings for Sustainable Development – from the Traditional to the Future, follows the 2019 event held in Quebec City (Canada) in 2019 and is a continuation of Woodrise’s activities on wood construction.

Due to the current health regulations, WOODRISE 2021 Kyoto has opted for both face-to-face and virtual approaches. It will bring together international specialists who will discuss technological advances related to high-rise wood construction and provide a platform for exchanges among the organizations and companies taking part in the event.

Active participation from FPInnovations

FPInnovations will be well represented at Woodrise 2021. The following presentations will be made by researchers from the organization. In addition, face-to-face attendees will have the opportunity to view publications from FPInnovations, which will share a booth space with other Canadian organizations.

Christian Dagenais
Technical workshop:  Fireproofing
Presentation: Fire Performance of Mass Timber Construction – Canadian Perspective

Marjan Popovski
Technical workshop: Seismic risk, Structural resistance
Presentation: Seismic Performance of Mass Timber Systems – Canadian Aspects

Jieying Wang
Technical workshop: Other technical challenges: e.g., durability
Presentation: Durability and Moisture Management of Tall Wood Buildings

In the meantime, FPInnovations is pursuing its work undertaken over the past few months with the Woodrise Alliance (WRA), including the coordination of webinars that disseminate recently acquired knowledge. To date, three webinars have been held on topics such as the dynamics of structures with wind-induced vibrations, fire safety, and building acoustics; these webinars have attracted numerous participants from around the world.

Coming soon: a new edition of the Tall Wood Building Guide

Over the past few years, FPInnovations has published numerous comprehensive guidebooks to help the Canadian construction industry adapt its codes and standards to increase the use of wood in construction. Intended for the building, architectural, engineering, and regulatory communities, these resources are regularly updated to provide the latest information.

In this respect, FPInnovations will soon release a revised version of its Technical Guide for the Design and Construction of Tall Wood Buildings in Canada. This comprehensive document, written in collaboration with numerous Canadian experts, will provide a complete update of the previously published information, and will include new sections, such as construction costs and monitoring.

Stay tuned for more information!