Paperweek Canada and Biofor International 2020: Next Generation fibre-based packaging

As part of the PaperWeek Canada and Biofor International 2020 events, which will be held together in Montreal, February 3-6, under the theme Bioeconomy: From innovative breakthroughs to new business models, Stéphane Renou, President and CEO of FPInnovations, will be a guest speaker at the February 4th keynote luncheon. At that time, he will present FPInnovations‘ vision of next generation fibre-based packaging as an effective way to reduce plastic waste, and he will also serve as the moderator of a panel discussion. 

Active participation by FPInnovations

The joint PaperWeek Canada and Biofor International 2020 events will provide various opportunities to hear and meet members of the FPInnovations team. In particular, a day dedicated to sanitary and household papers, to be held on Thursday, January 6, will be hosted by FPInnovations‘ researchers. 

Don’t forget to visit FPInnovations’ counter space in the Innovation Alley leading to Biofor! Participants are also invited to visit the FPInnovations networking area, designed to encourage exchanges and create an environment conducive to business discussions. Participants will also get the opportunity to attend Flash Presentations by FPInnovations staff on current topics. 

And lastly, participating in the various sessions our experts will provide an opportunity to learn more about the progress of our research projects. The program may be consulted on the conference website. 

This is an event not to be missed for the industry!  

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