FPInnovations’ recent publications – May 2020

The list of FPInnovations’ most recent reports and publications has been updated and is now available for the period ending May 31, 2020. To obtain a copy of a publication, send your request to library@fpinnovations.ca, or fill in the contact form by visiting fpinnovations.ca and clicking the Member Access link.

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Dégradation de l’isolation des remorques réfrigérées, méthodes d’essai

Évaluation de pneus simples à bande large sur un train double de type B à 9 essieux pour le transport de grumes

Evaluation of wide-base single tires for a 9-axle b-train log truck

Fuel amendment as a forest fuel removal treatment: exploratory trials in black spruce fuels at the Fort Providence Wildfire Experimental Site

Internet de la forêt: réseau LTE en opérations forestières

Internet of the forest: LTE network in forest

Refrigerated trailers degradation of insulation, test methods

Streambed simulation: monitoring and maintaining a fish-friendly culvert crossing

Treated boomsticks user guide


Development of new construction materials. Development of thick OSB panel

Expanding wood use towards 2025: a proposal for adopting ISO fire safety engineering standards in Canada

Expanding wood use towards 2025: acoustic performance

Expanding wood use towards 2025: fire safety design of 2+6 podium wood-frame buildings for code implementation

Expanding wood use towards 2025: testing of innovative connections and mass timber shear walls under lateral loads

Tests of fire-retardant coatings and wood veneer lamination for improving OSB fire performance

Vivre avec le bois, dynamique des marchés: enquête auprès des consommateurs

Vivre avec le bois, dynamique des marchés: portrait sommaire de l’industrie Canadienne du bois

Vivre avec le bois, dynamique des marchés: proposition de valeur

Vivre avec le bois, dynamique des marchés: tendances des marchés nord-américains


Séchage en continu du bois d’oeuvre résineux

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