Attendees at special preview event try out innovative floor system

EllisDon and DIALOG presented a sneak peek of their patented Hybrid Timber Floor System (HTFS) at the FPInnovations testing facility in Vancouver, B.C. on November 22. The HTFS offers the ability for mass timber products to efficiently and economically span long distances, thus allowing applications beyond residential buildings. It also offers a lower-embodied carbon alternative to concrete and steel. Attendees at this special preview event got an exclusive, up-close look at this innovative floor system, with a hands-on (or feet-on!) experience of two full-scale prototype panels.



FPInnovations has been performing large-scale testing to help EllisDon and DIALOG get the HTFS ready for the market. There are many details to consider in order to advance a product from laboratory scale to commercial scale, and we are an accelerator for product development.

It is a long and expensive process to approve new building systems for use because of the need to ensure buildings are safe to occupy over long periods of time. For building technologies, there are many performance criteria to consider, such as structural, fire, vibration, durability, and acoustic. FPInnovations takes a multi-disciplinary approach to unpack a complicated problem into manageable screening tests to accelerate the technology readiness. We offer more than expertise—we also have the space to make it happen!

Supporting EllisDon and DIALOG to make sure they succeed is another example of FPInnovations working with its industry and government partners to help advance low-carbon building technologies that contribute to a sustainable future.